Disparities amongst Refugees in Jordan: Do Iraqi, Sudanese, or Syrian orgins affect refugee opportunities?
By admin June 20, 2014

In the Middle East, Jordan has become one of the biggest reservoirs for refugees escaping violence in their respective homelands. The influx of refugees has since increased with the violence in Sudan and Iraq, forcing   their refugees to migrate to Jordan.  Now in light of the crisis in Syria, refugees from Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan are speaking out against what they call unequal treatment between refugees from Syria, and those from other Arab states.  With so much focus on Syrian refugees, many believe they suffer the unlivable conditions of refugee life in silence.
Living conditions of these refugees have also gone down. Many live in homes without blankets and with furniture acquired from the trash of Jordan nationals. These refugees also have no means of paying for their housing, because under UNHCR protocol, refugees in Jordan are not allowed to work, or risk being deported if caught. Yet, some say Jordanian officials will ignore Syrian refugees working in the informal sector of Jordan.Groups such as AARD, a legal aid organization, explain that funding for non-Syrian refugees has dwindled over time with the rising growth of the Syrian crisis. The drying up of funds weakens an organization’s ability to provide live-able conditions for refugees; therefore, not enough assistance is given to these immigrants groups. Jordan does offers free healthcare and access to education, however the ordeal of finding money for clothes, food , or school supplies renders the opportunity almost nil.

The levels of  Displaced Nationals has not been seen since WWII

The levels of Displaced Nationals has not been seen since WWII

With each new struggle, refugees pour into countries like Jordan and Lebanon hoping to escape the fighting from their homeland. The solution to this rising problem is complex and not easily reached. With funding drying out, organizations lose necessary resources to assist refugees. In regards to the Jordanian government, the additional funds they would need to care for the refugees as well as their own nationals is well beyond their means. Many refugees have tried contacting western embassies and officials to draw attention to their plight.




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