Cost of Rule of Law In India
By admin June 14, 2014


The fourth alleged rape and murder of a woman in the Uttar Pradesh state has erupted fears over the enforcement of women’s
safety throughout India. The death of the 19-year-old marks the fourth female hanging in two weeks in Uttar Pradesh, with the previous three linked to rape as well.  News of this tragedy reverberated throughout India, calling into the question the tougher 2013 women protection laws enacted after the 2012 Gang Rape and murder of a young New Delhi woman.

These laws expanded the definition of rape, and included various sexual assault practices such as voyeurism, harassment, and disrobing. Many praised the creation of these laws but, in light of the Uttar Pradesh murders, those same individuals
question if the enforcement of these laws correlates with the increasing reported murder/rapes.  Those believing the laws directly correlate with this rise explain that rapists fear harsh penalties being imposed on them, giving them reason to eliminate the key witness. This is not to denounce the laws in any way, rather explain that the laws are so good right now, that rapists know they have little chance of escape if a woman testifies against them. However, in the case of the recent death of two young cousins, 14 and 15, families criticized authorities for waiting 12 hours before searching for the young girls, who were of the Dalit caste, the lowest caste, once regarded as untouchable, in the historic caste system.  Two officers along with three other suspects have been arrested for their role in the crime.

Newly Elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke out against these crimes, urging lawmakers to come together for the sake of protecting Indian women. The Uttar Pradesh murders have launched surging protests toward the government, provoking comments by some politicians about the rape culture in India. Modi, further warned politicians to refrain from commenting on the incidents, citing the need to respect the dignity of women throughout this situation.


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