The Bassiouni Group is headquartered in New York City and our network extends through Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, Southeast Asia and South America. Get in touch today. CALL US at  (800) 278-9198 or EMAIL us (

The Bassiouni Group
Rockefeller Center
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Internship Program

The Bassiouni Group’s Internship Program takes place during the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions. Over the last four years we have worked closely with leading academic institutions – such as Columbia University’s School of Public Affairs (SIPA) and New York University’s Wagner School – and we take pride in providing a “hands-on” internship experience. We invite talented graduate students to join us. Please submit a cover letter and CV to info (at)

Consulting Opportunities

The Bassiouni Group offers consulting opportunities on a year-round basis and we maintain a Global Consultancy Network with more than 400 experts across multiple sectors and disciplines. We invite highly experienced and outstanding consultants with applicable – International Development, Corporate Consulting and Sustainable Trade & Investment – experience to join us. Please submit your cover letter and CV to info (at)