B2EU and The Bassiouni Group Launch B2Brexit Advisory Service
By admin September 20, 2017

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B2Brexit is Designed to Equip Clients with Brexit-focused Advisory Services, Market Intelligence & Legal Services

New York, New York, USA and Brussels, Belgium – September 20, 2017 –The Bassiouni Group ( and B2EU (, today announced the launch of B2Brexit (, a leading provider of Brexit-focused advisory, intelligence and legal services. Alphalex Avocats (, the third member of the consortium, will leverage its suite of legal services and cadre of experienced lawyers from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Monaco as part of B2Brexit.

The Brexit process continues to gather pace. With Prime Minister May’s landmark EU withdrawal bill passing its first parliamentary hurdle, the process moves forward and the need for effective corporate planning increases. B2Brexit equips companies with the resources and technical support they need to thrive in the increasingly challenging business environment. Drawing on a cadre of multi-disciplinary experts with business, regulatory political insights, B2Brexit provides customized (advisory, intelligence and legal) services to ensure that companies can steer a confident pathway during the months and years ahead.

“Companies exposed to Brexit on both sides of the Atlantic are already experiencing significant challenges. The complex operational and regulatory challenges will be burdensome, but are not insurmountable with the proper planning,” said David Solomon Bassiouni, President of The Bassiouni Group and TBG Europe. “B2Brexit equips businesses with the tools and resources to stay on top of ever-changing Brexit-related trends and developments. Our blend of business intelligence, strategic planning, and technical insights guarantees your company will be well-positioned to navigate the evolving regulatory and compliance challenges that are inherent in Brexit.”

“After hearing the growing need for more customized, tailored Brexit advisory support, and an increase in demand for Brexit contingency planning, we decided to formally build an integrated platform so more businesses can benefit from Brexit-proofing,” explains Ado Turkic, CEO and Founder of B2EU. “We are focused on meeting the needs of our clients by providing a full range of cross-sectoral services from one-on-one business support with a dedicated team of industry-leading experts to the latest B2Brexit research and exclusive access to Brexit-related events and webinars. Our goal is to ultimately make sure your company is Brexit Ready.”

The B2Brexit team is led by David Solomon Bassiouni, President of The Bassiouni Group and Ado Turkic, CEO of B2EU Consulting, and it includes senior experts with extensive experience in Brussels as well as the public and private sectors in the UK, EU and U.S. The team of industry-leading experts will develop and monitor Brexit-related processes, identify emerging business opportunities and avoid potential risks, supply valuable insights, address unforeseen challenges, and deliver effective legal and policy support to ensure that companies are BrexitReady.

To schedule a complementary information session to determine if your business is BrexitReady, please visit our website and contact us today.

About B2Brexit

B2Brexit is a leading Brexit advisory service jointly provided by The Bassiouni Group ( and B2EU Consulting ( and guides clients through legal advisory, public funding, and trade related challenges resulting from Brexit. Our team of international experts specialized in regulatory, public policy, and business negotiations will advise on current legislations, prepare all legal documents, and ensure legal compliance for companies moving offshore. B2Brexit approach is highly customized to satisfy businesses specific needs while guiding you through the milestones of Brexit negotiations. B2Brexit will in turn enable companies to shape their environment, rather than the other way around.

About The Bassiouni Group (

Headquartered in New York City, The Bassiouni Group (TBG) is a Global Development firm that provides Consulting, Trade and Investment solutions for governments, international institutions, corporations and communities. The firm is managed by experienced leaders – from the public and private sectors – and it leverages a Global Network comprised of more than 400 experts. TBG’s mission is to create, provide and develop integrated Global Development solutions that empower our clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate and improve the quality of life.

About B2EU Consulting (

B2EU is a boutique public affairs, funding, and business-to-government (B2G) consulting firm. Their main focus is achieving client’s market goals. B2EU is Brussels-based with satellite offices in Paris, Warsaw, Barcelona, Bucharest, and Belgrade. B2EU is a young company, but already well established as a leader with their specific boutique full service approach. What makes them different than all other agencies is the fact that they provide a customized service in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

About Alphalex Consult (

Alphalex offers consultancy and strategic legal advisory services in the areas of economic intelligence, public affairs, public and private law, lobbying action plan and business development. Alphalex-Avocats brings clients legal expertise and its network of law firms in various European capitals. Alphalex-Consult provides clients with the ability to analyze economic and political trends and propose innovative approaches that serve a wide range of sectors and industries.


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